The Avery: Everything But The Drinks

[Dec 23, 2019] After leaving The Eddy¬†, Lorri and I were eager to check out The Avery, rumored to be THE speakeasy in Providence. Let us run through the Speakeasy Checklist! Non Obvious Building?¬† Yep, the Avery was in a deceptively residential looking area and was in a building that looked more like a houseContinue reading “The Avery: Everything But The Drinks”

The Eddy: Revisiting A First Love

Lorri and I started our Providence / NYC / Washington DC Christmas trip with a return to The Eddy after several years. We had just started our interest in cocktails and stumbled across The Eddy while traveling through Providence. We recalled it as a terrific experience with its memorable U shaped bar, distinctive cocktail menuContinue reading “The Eddy: Revisiting A First Love”

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