Burning Cane (15 yr Barbados Foursquare)


OUR TAKE: We jumped all over this cask instantly – currently there isn’t a hotter distillery in rum than Foursquare and its hype as “The Pappy Van Winkle of rum” is fully deserved: Powerful and multi-dimensional yet very approachable, even for rum newbies. Some single cask Foursquares trade for four figures … but our Burning Cane gets you cask strength world class juice at an impressive 15 years of aging for less than $50.

THE LEGEND: Barbados mythology warns of the horrific Steel Donkey, an armor clad beast whose hobbies include raining stones on rural rooftops and romantic strolls thru sugar cane fields that it sets on fire with its flaming breath!

Yeah, that’s weird … but infinitely cuter than the MOST famous Bajan myth. The “Heartman” is NOT a jolly guy with a big heart, but a demon who sneaks into children’s bedrooms at night and rips their hearts out of their chests. So while the Heartman WAS willing to be the Burning Cane brand ambassador for very reasonable rates, we decided a pyromaniac jackass was more on-brand than a serial killer of children. See his adorable audition reel here (if you need more nightmares in your life)!

THE RUM: Cask strength Foursquare of this age can be a seductive gateway to fine rum, with fragrant summer fruit notes to grab cognac aficionados & the caramel intensity and oaky backbone to pull in whiskey fans. This cask’s luscious kettle corn opening evolves to a prolonged tree bark and gingerbread cookie finish.

PRODUCTION: Molasses in Column & Pot Still

ADDITIVES: No sugar or other additives

AGING: 11 yrs Barbados (once-used bourbon barrel),
4 yrs UK (an additional once-used bourbon barrel)

STRENGTH: Cask strength 62.3% ABV

H20: We suggest adding water lightly!

CHARITY: 5% of this bottle’s profits goes to the Ocean Acres Animal Sanctuary of Barbados

OUTTURN: 330 bottles (375 ml)