Guardians (8 yr Trinidad Rum)


OUR TAKE: Guardians is the real sleeper in this lineup – Trinidad has produced some of the greatest rum in history (RIP, Caroni!) but also puts out a lot of so-so high volume juice so we didn’t enter the selection process assuming we’d come out with a “Trini”. And while the Foursquare and the Guyana were big, bold flashy candidates, this Trinidad kept popping up, refusing to be ignored (maybe because it’s over TWO THIRDS alcohol but drinks more like a 55 percenter). We succumbed to its fruity delights with absolutely zero regrets!

THE LEGEND: Trinidadian folklore tells of a fearsome power couple! Mama D’leau (pronounced “glow”)  is the “River Mother”, half woman, half serpent and fierce defender of her watery domain – polluters are drowned … or forever trapped in an underwater prison. Papa Bois is the “Forest Father”, often disguised as a deer to lure poachers to their gruesome deaths by his enormous hands. With homicidal nature lovers like these two, you probably don’t need an Environmental Protection Agency!

THE RUM: Surprisingly easy drinking for its imposing proof, this rum opens with cola, passionfruit and orange zest before finishing with fresh tobacco, cardamom, leather, tangy metal and sriracha.

DARK SECRET: This cask reminds us of the first rum we obsessed over, a Trinidadian classic. You never forget your first love!

PRODUCTION: Molasses in Column Still

ADDITIVES: No added sugar or other additives

AGING: 6 yrs Trinidad (once-used bourbon barrel),
2 yrs UK (an additional once-used bourbon barrel)

STRENGTH: Cask strength 67.9% ABV

H20: We suggest adding water moderately

CHARITY: 5% of this bottle’s profits goes to the Trinidad & Tobago Society for Prevention of Cruelty of Animals Sanctuary of Barbados

OUTTURN: 211 bottles (375 ml)