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“The Folklore Series” is our 2022 line of premium single cask rums, bottled in a wallet-friendly 375 ml format.

For less than a suggested MSRP of $50, serious rum collectors can add superb offerings from Barbados, Guyana and Trinidad … while “rum-curious” whisky and spirits drinkers can discover what all the buzz is about without investing in full size bottles (we understand … commitment is hard!)

Each bottle displays original artwork based on a mythological legend from the country that distilled the rum. The standard label artwork features the medieval engraving style of the artist Reizakbar and the limited edition “Heavy Metal” labels feature fantasy artwork from the artist Bihanc.

Raising Glasses donates 5% of the profits from these bottles to charities benefitting each country of origin.

15 yr Foursquare Distillery (Apr 2007)

OUR TAKE: We jumped all over this cask instantly – currently there isn’t a hotter distillery in rum than Foursquare and its hype as “The Pappy Van Winkle of rum” is fully deserved: Powerful and multi-dimensional yet very approachable, even for rum newbies. Some single cask Foursquares trade for four figures … but our Burning Cane gets you cask strength world class juice at an impressive 15 years of aging for less than $50.

THE LEGEND: Barbados mythology warns of the horrific Steel Donkey, an armor clad beast whose hobbies include raining stones on rural rooftops and romantic strolls thru sugar cane fields that it sets on fire with its flaming breath!

Yeah, that’s weird … but infinitely cuter than the MOST famous Bajan myth. The “Heartman” is NOT a jolly guy with a big heart, but a demon who sneaks into children’s bedrooms at night and rips their hearts out of their chests. So while the Heartman WAS willing to be the Burning Cane brand ambassador for very reasonable rates, we decided a pyromaniac jackass was more on-brand than a serial killer of children. See his adorable audition reel here (if you need more nightmares in your life)!

THE RUM: Cask strength Foursquare of this age can be a seductive gateway to fine rum, with fragrant summer fruit notes to grab cognac aficionados & the caramel intensity and oaky backbone to pull in whiskey fans. This cask’s luscious kettle corn opening evolves to a prolonged tree bark and gingerbread cookie finish.

PRODUCTION: Molasses in Column & Pot Still

ADDITIVES: No sugar or other additives 

AGING: 11 yrs Barbados (once-used bourbon barrel),
4 yrs UK (an additional once-used bourbon barrel)

STRENGTH: Cask strength 62.3% ABV

H20: We suggest adding water lightly!

CHARITY: 5% of this bottle’s profits goes to the Ocean Acres Animal Sanctuary of Barbados

OUTTURN: 330 bottles (375 ml)


8 yr Trinidad Distillers Limited (July 2014)

OUR TAKE: Guardians is the real sleeper in this lineup – Trinidad has produced some of the greatest rum in history (RIP, Caroni!) but also puts out a lot of so-so high volume juice so we didn’t enter the selection process assuming we’d come out with a “Trini”. And while the Foursquare and the Guyana were big, bold flashy candidates, this Trinidad kept popping up, refusing to be ignored (maybe because it’s over TWO THIRDS alcohol but drinks more like a 55 percenter). We succumbed to its fruity delights with absolutely zero regrets!

THE LEGEND: Trinidadian folklore tells of a fearsome power couple! Mama D’leau (pronounced “glow”)  is the “River Mother”, half woman, half serpent and fierce defender of her watery domain – polluters are drowned … or forever trapped in an underwater prison. Papa Bois is the “Forest Father”, often disguised as a deer to lure poachers to their gruesome deaths by his enormous hands. With homicidal nature lovers like these two, you probably don’t need an Environmental Protection Agency!

THE RUM: Surprisingly easy drinking for its imposing proof, this rum opens with cola, passionfruit and orange zest before finishing with fresh tobacco, cardamom, leather, tangy metal and sriracha.

DARK SECRET: This cask reminds us of the first rum we obsessed over, a Trinidadian classic. You never forget your first love!

PRODUCTION: Molasses in Column Still

ADDITIVES: No added sugar or other additives 

AGING: 6 yrs Trinidad (once-used bourbon barrel),
2 yrs UK (an additional once-used bourbon barrel)

STRENGTH: Cask strength 67.9% ABV

H20: We suggest adding water moderately

CHARITY: 5% of this bottle’s profits goes to the Trinidad & Tobago Society for Prevention of Cruelty of Animals Sanctuary of Barbados

OUTTURN: 211 bottles (375 ml)


9 yr Versailles Wooden Pot Still (Nov 2012)

I crossed all the lines
and I broke all the rules …
Baby I broke them all for you, Moongazer …
– Brandi Carlile, “The Story” (more or less)

100% POT STILL rum is gonna be full bodied.
100% pot still GUYANA is gonna be a bruiser.
100% WOODEN pot still Guyana is gonna be a MONSTER!

Not gonna lie … some of you will hate this bottle … but some of you will be obsessed with this bottle, including us! This bottle is the bad boy of the bunch, making us break all of our rules:

1) No Additives! This cask had added color IN THE CASK … why why why??? Most rum regulations and geographic indicators allow for added color so that the bottles have a consistent hue from batch to batch but it’s weird to put color in the CASK before blending. At least Moongazer tastes as dark as it looks … and there’s no added sugar (unforgiveable!!!).

2) Tropical Aging! Moongazer is almost entirely aged in the UK. Gentle aging might explain why it has such a bouquet of subtle flavors floating above its brawny foundation?

2) Cask Strength We wanted to be the macho kids that release everything at barrel proof … but the wise guidance of Eric Kaye from Holmes Cay made us prioritize flavor over testosterone, and Moongazer undeniably reveals more multitudes at 57.5% than its original 62.7%

“Moongazer is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans”
– John Lennon, “Beautiful Boy” (more or less)

THE LEGEND: Guyana’s Moongazer is a giant that roams the shoreline gazing at the moon … until you run between its legs where you’ll be crushed! Creepy, but keeps the kiddies from the deadly night surf!

THE RUM: Over 250 yrs old, Diamond Distillery’s legendary Versailles still is one of only two wooden pot stills in existence (FIRE & WOOD aren’t a formula for longevity?!?) and this bottle is a classic example of its intoxicatingly pungent notes of raisin syrup, birdseed, mocha, charred banana, black tea and ozone.

DARK SECRET: After being seduced by this rum, we learned it contains added color!! Commonly done for color consistency, but purists may clutch their pearls. We bottled it anyway – you can still love your imperfect children!

More details: We later learned that the “REV” marque (“Marques” are essentially distillation/production recipes from each distillery) from Diamond calls for their special caramel coloring (produced in-house and unique to DDL) to be added into the cask so it receives full aging with the distillate. It’s considered a vital part of the REV signature profile – so while the resulting color isn’t truly authentic, the final product definitely is authentic to the REV marque.

AGING: 9 yrs UK aging


PRODUCTION: Molasses in 100% Versailles pot still 

H20: We suggest adding water moderately

CHARITY: 5% of profits from the sale of this bottle goes to Blossoms of Guyana to aid educational opportunities for low income children.


RUM FTG 2022

Blend (58% Foursquare, 38% Trinidad, 4% Guyana)

OUR TAKE: We set out to replicate the palate of our favorite British Navy rums … and COMPLETELY FAILED! Our single cask components insisted on something more elegant, layered, and distinctive … some of our blending team prefer this blend to ANY of the single casks!

THE BLEND: 58% 15 yr Barbados Foursquare (DAMN, our priciest juice … our taste buds apparently HATE money), 38% 8 yr Trinidad spice bomb & 4% 9 yr Guyana (just a touch of this wooden pot still bully added a kick-ass finish). We wanted to water this down to 50% ABV but the blend said “Back off, bitches!”, so 62.5% it is!

NOTES: Brown sugar and almond brittle give way to creamy nougat topped with a sharp lemon glaze, finishing with peppery cinnamon, matcha tea and wistful bittersweet regret.

DARK SECRET: F.T.G. stands for “Foursquare, Trinidad & Guyana”    

  It’s a crazy coincidence that it “F-ing Tastes Good”, we swear!

PRODUCTION: Molasses in Column & Pot Still

ADDITIVES: None except added color from  that naughty naughty Guyana!


H20: We suggest adding water lightly

OUTURN: 211 bottles (375 ml)