The Art of Barrel Picking & Blending: A Whiskey & Rum Tasting

Our first online tasting event took place Wednesday June 23rd, 2021!

View the recording of the event here :

… or download the slide deck here:


• We’ve all had whiskey and rums finished in other barrels … but how often have you tasted the ORIGINAL “mother” spirit next to the “daughter” spirits that were aged in the “mother” barrel?

• Picking your own private barrel is the ultimate in high pressure tasting – what techniques should you use to end up with an unforgettably unique winner (instead of a garage full of bottled regret)?

• Developing your own bespoke blend is the next level in whiskey creativity and artistry – when presented with immeasurable variables, how do you find a path to whiskey glory?

It’s our extreme honor and pleasure to announce a very special tasting of our 4 Raising Glasses private barrel picks … and the 2 inaugural releases of Found North whiskys from our honored guests: Nick and Zach Taylor (Found North Whisky, Taylor and Taylor Whiskey Co.).

We invite any interested parties to order our 6 sample tasting kit and join us on Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021 8 PM Eastern via Zoom! Only 25 kits are available, so order soon!

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