1981 Ramen Bar (Lowell Tour 1 of 3)

Two of our favorite things: Discovering a new cocktail neighborhood with a pile of great places clustered near each other. Drinking with fun, knowledgeable and umm …. “high-stamina” company!  No, that doesn’t mean folks who like to drink a ton and get wasted. In fact, kind of the opposite – the kind of people whoContinue reading “1981 Ramen Bar (Lowell Tour 1 of 3)”

The Keep (Lowell Tour 3 of 3)

After the 1981 Ramen Bar and Warp and Weft, I should have known that The Keep (our final stop on the Lowell tour) was also going to be packed – dang, how many hipster drinkers are there in this town that can keep so many bars full on a Thursday night in the summer when mostContinue reading “The Keep (Lowell Tour 3 of 3)”

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