jade bar : Libations of the FIRST Resort!

This post is part of our Phoenix/Scottsdale tour : click here to get the eagle-eye summary of all of our experiences. Hotel bars, especially the elite establishments in Paris and London, are some of the greatest and most storied bars in the world. We don’t have quite the same legacy with our hotel bars inContinue reading “jade bar : Libations of the FIRST Resort!”

Phoenix/Scottsdale Bar Tour

The combination of COVID-19, the New England weather, and my semi-retirement after selling my 21 yr old web development company led Lorri and I to try the cliché snowbird migration to Arizona for the winters of 2021 and 2022 (currently in progress!), in the cities of Tucson, Sedona and Phoenix/Scottsdale. Corona Disclaimers/Strategies: In the 2021/2022Continue reading “Phoenix/Scottsdale Bar Tour”

Tucson/Phoenix Cocktail Roundup

In between our NYC dates, we checked out Tucson (and a bit of Phoenix)- it’s been years since we did a serious tour of Tucson so Lorri & I weren’t sure what to expect (when we lived in Tucson over a dozen years ago ago the cocktail renaissance hadn’t quite landed yet). We were really pleasedContinue reading “Tucson/Phoenix Cocktail Roundup”

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