Yowie 16 yr Australian Rum


OUR TAKE: To our knowledge this may be the oldest Beenleigh in wide release. Our first Beenleigh (and our first Australian rum) that we ever tasted was the superb Holmes Cay release and we fell HARD for its elegant, intense, dry profile, one that we think bourbon drinkers will gravitate to quickly (while still blowing away high end rum connoisseurs).

THE LEGEND: The Yowie is Australia’s Bigfoot – an elusive apelike creature that has occasional dubious sightings and spawned many clubs and tv specials. It’s big, powerful, rare and maybe a little bit scary – just like the rum! Artwork is by the Indonesian artist Rezki.

THE RUM: One of the oldest independent bottlings of the Beenleigh Artisan Distillery, Yowie was made with the indigeneous S. Pombe yeast (discontinued in 2010) which produces low output but loads of rich flavor compounds, resulting in an elegant, herbally potent rum redolent of eucalyptus, tangerine and molasses funk, giving way to a sophisticated dry finish.

DARK SECRET: At first we passed on this pricy cask .. until ONE damn selection committee member lobbied for one LAST taste!

PRODUCTION: Molasses in Column & Pot Still

ADDITIVES: No sugar or other additives

AGING: 11 yrs Australia, 5 yrs UK

STRENGTH: Cask strength 68.3% ABVH20: We suggest adding water moderately!

CHARITY: 5% of this bottle’s profits goes to the North Queensland Animal Rescue of Australia

OUTTURN: 324 bottles (375 ml)