LX (Legal Crossing) : Escape From Aladdin [The Regulars]

Being total Musical Nerds, Lorri and I have a subscription to Broadway in Boston, a form of ticketing blackmail a.k.a.  “Buy tickets to 4 musicals you don’t really care about so you can see the ONE musical you’ll never get tickets to, otherwise known as HAMILTON”.

That’s how we ended up seeing “Get On Your Feet“, the Gloria Estefan musical (kinda predictable but totally worth seeing for the superb Cuban-styled music and dance) and dragging our exhausted asses into Disney’s “Aladdin“.

Aladdin was totally fine (the songs that weren’t from the movie were stultifyingly generic but the big Genie number that closed the first half was like five showstoppers stuffed into one number) but we were antsy and kinda crabby – the kids in the row in front of us constantly playing musical chairs didn’t help.

So we opted to leave at intermission and cross the street to LX (Legal Crossing, the hippest and most daring of all of the non-daring Legal Seafood empire), a place we’ve been to far too many times since it was 90 seconds from our former office building.

LX - 1
The decently interesting LX cocktail menu

LX has far too much bartender turnover to be an elite bar but they have a decent menu, a staff that cares and is hands down the bar you’re most likely to find a hard-to-find-whiskey at a reasonable price. The Legal empire has huge buying power, so they get all of the Pappys and Buffalo Trace Antiques when they’re in season and sell it for reasonable prices, so we’ve literally had ALL of those lines (including the ultra-rare Pappy Rye).

Yes, I’m COMPLETELY wondering why I’m even telling  you this. I’m already feeling the inevitable Glare Of Whiskey Hate from Lorri as I type.

It’s NOT Pappy season today, so Lorri goes for the totally great Mortlach 15 year and I go for the Pineapple Sour.

Pineapple is a tricky ingredient, but the Pisco and Malbec wine float sucker me in. Sure enough, it’s not a completely successful marriage (too many fruit flavors all fighting for attention, with pineapple ending up clobbering the grape and lemon) but it was definitely worth it for the education.

LX - 2
The Pisco & Malbec flavored Pineapple Sour gets an “A” for effort, an “A” for execution, and a “C+” for final result. Probably more interesting than the second half of Aladdin!

We’ll be back for Pappy season, which is in the month of … hell naw, I’m not going to tell you that!

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