Chickadee : Innovation Served Four Ways (featuring Kate)

Most Fridays I bartend a cocktail hour (more like 2 hrs!) for my company, but recently work’s gotten heavy and I thought it a poor example to have the boss devoting so many Thursday nights / Friday afternoons coming up with a quartet of new craft cocktails, so I dropped one of the Fridays aContinue reading “Chickadee : Innovation Served Four Ways (featuring Kate)”

Yvonne’s [The Regulars]

THE REGULARS is a series of posts covering the bars we frequent most often, featuring background information, tips and drink recommendations. To us, Yvonne’s is that uber-successful, fashionable and a maybe-too-glamorous longtime friend who instantly drops all the corporate d-bags and society wanna-be’s when you come through the door and makes one-on-one time to catchContinue reading “Yvonne’s [The Regulars]”

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