Ritcey East: A Bold Cocktail Gem in Watertown

We were driving home from work on a Wednesday & Waze started sending us in a completely bizarre direction we’d never taken before. I actually asked “Did a BOMB go off somewhere?” at one point. Traffic was a mess and I missed a few turns so I semi-jokingly told Lorri “Hey, find us a coolContinue reading “Ritcey East: A Bold Cocktail Gem in Watertown”

Coppa: How to Get Away with Cocktail Murder Deliciously

As fans of Ken Oringer & Jamie Bissonette’s Clio (RIP), Uni and Little Donkey, we’ve always had Coppa on our MUST DO list and on a gorgeous Halloween afternoon we finally made it down there for lunch. We were surprised by Coppa’s cozy, neighborhood vibe – very few restaurants of its acclaim have this quality,Continue reading “Coppa: How to Get Away with Cocktail Murder Deliciously”

Nahita: If Inception Were a Cocktail Bar …

Is it Fate, Serendipity or Something More Sinister when a new place opens and seems to fulfill all of your subconscious cocktail desires? A sublimely charming host introduces you to this seductive new world, a familiar face floats in and out of view singing the siren’s call of future epiphanies, and ghostly apparitionsĀ of cocktails thatContinue reading “Nahita: If Inception Were a Cocktail Bar …”

Pagu: Japanese for Pug (and Sublime Drinking)

A farewell dinner to one of our favorite employees (leaving for business school) warranted a special venue, and when Chelsea suggested Pagu in Cambridge, it was a perfect choice for me for four reasons: None of us had been there before Creative Asian food Great rep for cocktails Pugs! Pagu is Japanese for pug andContinue reading “Pagu: Japanese for Pug (and Sublime Drinking)”

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