Whistler 14 yr Venezuela Rum


OUR TAKE: Venezuelan rum is on the rise! Aside from Brown Forman’s purchase of Diplomatico, we noticed that E&A Scheer’s holiday release (which they bottle for themselves) for 2022 was also from Venezuela. If it’s good enough for Brown Forman and E&A Scheer, it’s certainly good enough for us!

THE LEGEND: The Whistler is a demonic ghoul who shuffles through rural Venezuelan towns at night looking for victims to add to the bag of bones he carries on his back. Drinking a moderate amount of rum actually keeps the Whistler away … but if you drink too much rum, the Whistler will come for you, whistling his signature melody of doom (the ascending notes C D E F G then dropping an octave with the notes A and B). Art by Rezia (Regular) and Bihanc (Heavy Metal)

We commissioned the engraving-style artwork for the standard label from the Indonesian artist Rezki. The fantasy-style artwork for the “Heavy Metal” label was commissioned from the Sri Lankan artist Bihanc.

THE RUM: We think of this as the “Everything Bagel” of rums. It’s a sumptuous smorgasbord that checks a wild variety of flavors: Sea salt caramel, bitter mocha, baking spices, toasted oak, a little citrus zing, a touch of funky petrol.

DARK SECRET: We’re not permitted to disclose the distillery (but it’s not too hard to guess!)

AGING: 12 yrs Venezuela, 2 yrs UK aging

STRENGTH: 62.1% ABV (original cask strength)

PRODUCTION: Molasses in column still
ADDITIVES: None (no added sugar, color, etc.)
H20: We suggest adding water lightly

CHARITY: 5% of profits from the sale of this bottle goes to Venezuela’s South American Initiative to aid orphaned children and homeless animals

OUTTURN: 324 bottles (375 ml)