RG Release #6 : OPULENCE
21 yr Port Dundas Single Grain Scotch
(21 yr Hogshead + 6 mo Oloroso Sherry Quarter Cask)
55.7% cask strength ABV, Outturn: 150 Bottles estimated

Being the savages we are, we purchased a brand new Oloroso sherry quarter cask (those suckers are NOT cheap) and used it to age over half of the Port Dundas for the last 9 months. The smaller size of the quarter cask accelerates the aging process (higher ratio of wood surface area to total liquid volume), imparting an oakier backbone and the rich fig & pistachio flavors of a first fill Oloroso sherry cask. Its deep copper hue will satisfy “Dark AF” fetishists too (you know who you are) !

Once again, the custom label artwork is from Mira Hsu of Lexington MA!