Moongazer 9 yr Guyana Versailles Pot Still Rum


9 yr Versailles Wooden Pot Still (Nov 2012)


I crossed all the lines
and I broke all the rules …
Baby I broke them all for you, Moongazer …
– Brandi Carlile, “The Story” (more or less)

100% POT STILL rum is gonna be full bodied.
100% pot still GUYANA is gonna be a bruiser.
100% WOODEN pot still Guyana is gonna be a MONSTER!

Not gonna lie … some of you will hate this bottle … but some of you will be obsessed with this bottle, including us! This bottle is the bad boy of the bunch, making us break all of our rules:

1) No Additives! This cask had added color IN THE CASK … why why why??? Most rum regulations and geographic indicators allow for added color so that the bottles have a consistent hue from batch to batch but it’s weird to put color in the CASK before blending. At least Moongazer tastes as dark as it looks … and there’s no added sugar (unforgiveable!!!).

2) Tropical Aging! Moongazer is almost entirely aged in the UK. Gentle aging might explain why it has such a bouquet of subtle flavors floating above its brawny foundation?

3) Cask Strength!  We wanted to be the macho kids that release everything at barrel proof … but the wise guidance of Eric Kaye from Holmes Cay made us prioritize flavor over testosterone, and Moongazer undeniably reveals more multitudes at 57.5% than its original 62.7%

“Moongazer is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans”
– John Lennon, “Beautiful Boy” (more or less)

THE LEGEND: Guyana’s Moongazer is a giant that roams the shoreline gazing at the moon … until you run between its legs where you’ll be crushed! Creepy, but keeps the kiddies from the deadly night surf!

THE RUM: Over 250 yrs old, Diamond Distillery’s legendary Versailles still is one of only two wooden pot stills in existence (FIRE & WOOD aren’t a formula for longevity?!?) and this bottle is a classic example of its intoxicatingly pungent notes of raisin syrup, birdseed, mocha, charred banana, black tea and ozone.

DARK SECRET: After being seduced by this rum, we learned it contains added color!! Commonly done for color consistency, but purists may clutch their pearls. We bottled it anyway – you can still love your imperfect children!

More details: We later learned that the “REV” marque (“Marques” are essentially distillation/production recipes from each distillery) from Diamond calls for their special caramel coloring (produced in-house and unique to DDL) to be added into the cask so it receives full aging with the distillate. It’s considered a vital part of the REV signature profile – so while the resulting color isn’t truly authentic, the final product definitely is authentic to the REV marque.

AGING: 9 yrs UK aging


PRODUCTION: Molasses in 100% Versailles pot still 

H20: We suggest adding water moderately

CHARITY: 5% of profits from the sale of this bottle goes to Blossoms of Guyana to aid educational opportunities for low income children.