Manora 9 yr Thailand Rum Blend


THE LEGEND: Asian countries speak of the half human/half bird Kinnaree and Kinnara. A famous Thai play involves “Manora”, a Kinnaree that was captured & gifted to Prince Suthon who fell in love with her. When Suthon left for war, jealous advisers convinced the King to sacrifice Manora. Manora escaped and fled to her homeland. The prince went on a quest to find his beloved & they returned to court to live happily ever after. When performed, “Manora” was often played by a male, reflective of Thailand’s historical acceptance of gender fluidity. This blend celebrates their acceptance of LGBTQ & transgender people (which includes our youngest daughter). Original art by Razigla.

THE RUM: Our “female” cask opens beautifully with lush, floral notes while our “male” Thai cask has a strong lingering oaky finish, making this a perfect “gender blend”!

PRODUCTION: Molasses in Column Still

ADDITIVES: No sugar or other additives 

AGING: 5 yrs Thailand, 4 yrs UK

STRENGTH: 55% ABVH20: We suggest adding water lightly!

CHARITY: 5% of profits from the sale of this bottle goes to Thailand’s Love Foundation to aid LGBTQ equality