Kinnara 9 yr Thailand Rum


OUR TAKE: We’re excited to be one of the very first IBs to release a rum from Thailand. While most of their domestic releases are heavily sweetened, we were so thrilled that their unadulterated distillate is wonderful stuff (at a reasonable price!) that we bought two casks.

THE LEGEND: Thailand and neighboring countries speak of the Kinnara, the half man/half bird creature from Buddhist and Hindu cultures. Known for its celestial grace & beauty, the Kinnara is associated with music & love (Kinnara is her male counterpart and our name for this cask’s sibling). Original art by Razigla.

THE RUM: We’ve always wanted a quality “gateway” rum that was instantly accessible to rum newbies but still had the complexity and stamina to impress jaded rum aficianados. We were thrilled to find this rum in Thailand, a new country for most rum drinkers.

DARK SECRET: Why is this the “female” cask? She opens beautifully with lush, resonant floral notes while its sibling “male” cask has a strong lingering oaky finish.

AGING: 5 yrs Thailand, 4 yrs UK aging


PRODUCTION: Molasses in column still

H20: We suggest adding water lightly

CHARITY: 5% of profits from the sale of this bottle goes to Thailand’s Love Foundation to aid LGBT equality and sexual health awareness

OUTTURN: 180 bottles (375 ml)