Purple Cane 9 yr Foursquare Barbados Rum finished in Pineau de Charentes

Purple Cane - Arriving Oct 2023

“Purple Cane is a Raising Glass exclusive pick from Rolling Form Rum (57% ABV, 9 years, 750 ml)

This 9 yr Foursquare rum from Barbados finished in a Pineau de Charentes cask. Pineau de Charentes is a delightful French apertif fortified wine made from cognac eau-de-vie and fresh grape juice. It adds a gorgeous layer of lively fresh fruit to the sturdy robust rum from the famed Foursquare distillery.

“Purple Cane” gets its name from purple grapes and sugar cane rum – any other allusions are PURELY coincidental!  😉

Purple Cane is slated to arrive in early Oct 2023 and has an anticipated SRP of $80