Port Dundas 21 yr (2022)

Photo by Chiu-Fai Man
(Director of Bottle Sexiness)

RG Release #5 : INNOCENCE (available now)
Port Dundas Single Grain Scotch
21 yr
Ex-Bourbon Cask
57% cask strength ABV
Outturn: 110 Bottles

Our first Scotch is a bottle of Scotch history. The Port Dundas distillery was demolished in 2011 after a century of producing some of Scotland’s finest Single Grain Scotch. Once the existing stores of Port Dundas are gone this tremendous elixir will go extinct.

While prices are skyrocketing for highly aged Port Dundas, not all barrels are created (or developed) equal! We tasted this hogshead barrel and her sister barrel and the difference was startling! “Sis” was fairly tame and muted but this barrel was vibrant, intense and luscious and an easy pick.

Single Grain Scotches are growing in popularity (and price) as they combine the complexity and sophistication of Single Malts but with the approachability of American bourbons – which makes sense as the Port Dundas mashbill consists of American corn, barley and rye (much closer to bourbon than Single Malt Scotch’s mashbill of 100% malted barley).

We commissioned Innocence’s dazzling label artwork from a young artist from Lexington MA, Mira Hsu (no relation!)

RG Release #6 : OPULENCE (available now)

Port Dundas Single Grain Scotch
21 yr in Ex-Bourbon Cask
9 mo First Fill Oloroso Sherry Quarter Cask finish
55.7% cask strength ABV
Outturn: 150 Bottles

Being the savages we are, we purchased a brand new Oloroso sherry quarter cask (those suckers are NOT cheap) and used it to age over half of the Port Dundas for the last 9 months. The smaller size of the quarter cask accelerates the aging process (higher ratio of wood surface area to total liquid volume), imparting an oakier backbone and the rich fig & pistachio flavors of a first fill Oloroso sherry cask. Its deep copper hue will satisfy “Dark AF” fetishists too (you know who you are) !

Once again, the custom label artwork is from Mira Hsu of Lexington MA!