Boston Whiskey Sampling Club


Want to get “together” and share whiskeys safely in this age of coronavirus?

Basic concept: Members will drop off and pick up 1 oz. whiskey samples (in a contact-less manner, of course!) and join up on Zoom to do tasting together.

This group will be limited to 5-10 members for now to keep things manageable (especially in terms of the number of samples that need to be provided) and our initial invites are to people who have made it to our house in the past (since getting to our house is part of the commitment)

I’ll provide the 1 oz sample bottles.

We invite you to join if you can commit to the following every 1-2 weeks:

• Meet up on a mutually agreeable time on Zoom
• Come to our house on 296 Winter Street to pick up/drop off whiskey samples (contact free, of course!). We’ll make an exception for Billy & Gretchen if they’re willing to do this via snail mail.
• Contribute 5-7 ounces (about 1/5th to 1/4 bottle) of a whiskey, rum, cognac, etc. that you find interesting

At each tasting, we’ll do live tastings of 4-6 samples. We might make it more fun by tasting them blind and having everyone submit their rating.

Contributors will need to provide basic information and a photo of their bottle for the big reveal!

If you can’t join, no worries, just message me on Facebook.

If you’d like to join, sign up by indicating which times/days of the week are good for you to online by filling out this Doodle survey:


John & Lorri

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